We conceptualise and develop CREATIVE AND INSPIRATIONAL EVENTS that strengthen the ENTREPRENEURIAL CULTURE within the company, in various formats such as hackathons, days of collaboration and learning with institutions, startups and leading figures in the entrepreneurial ecosystem.


The hackathons are a tool of broad-based innovation, which use crowdsourcing or participation open to a group of people to bring new ideas, design, co-create, improve, implement or develop new products and solutions.

They can be done as a “hack day” or as weekend programmes that encourage the creative use of technology and data.

We manage the entire process, from the design requirements and convocation, to the communication, the contact and selection of participants through the planning and production of the entire event, presentation of prototypes and the awards. All of this within an inspiring, dynamic environment in which the participants can enjoy themselves and contribute positive energy to the challenges.

Competitions and programmes with startups

We carry out comprehensive venture programmes with startups, ranging from the initial concept to the production of the final event, through communication, web, convocation, the selection and preparation of startups, the pitch, the relationship with investors, promotion materials and all the back office to achieve positive results for all participants.

We put coworking spaces at your disposal for the incubation and development of the selected startups.
Through our participation in corporate innovation projects, we look for innovative projects and dynamic SMEs to address challenges and specific business opportunities. We are a startup ourselves and spend each day surrounded by hundreds of entrepreneurs in our coworking spaces.

We understand the challenges that startup companies face and what they need, such as access to the right partner in order to grow. If you’re an entrepreneur and you’re doing something interesting – anywhere in the world – we’d love to meet you.


We believe in the power of collaboration to innovate in the implementation of agile methodologies and open innovation. Many of our open innovation clients want to bring the entrepreneurial spirit to their organisations. The goal of our programmes is to allow SMEs and large companies to innovate like a startup.
We hold intrapreneurship workshops for innovation teams, ranging from the initial concept, the business model, the prototyping, the validation and the final launch of a project.

To this end, we offer focused solutions:

  • Assess the business model of an organisation and its potential for innovation.
  • Make the most of the the best techniques, such as Lean start-up, to allow rapid prototyping.
  • The use of tools and enhanced creativity techniques that go beyond traditional brainstorming to generate new ideas.