In company Corporate Coworking


More and more businesses are viewing coworking as the work model of the future, implementing it within their own spaces and offices, which is what we call Corporate Coworking. utopic_US has developed the Utopic Agency services to help companies that want to introduce new organisational models, using the culture of coworking as a model of change.

Our team and collaborators have extensive experience and knowledge in all aspects of the industry, and we usually work from the strategy to the design and management of the space and the scheduling of activities. We help you understand, plan and implement coworking solutions in businesses and corporate spaces.

Microsoft (the Netherlands), KPMG, UNILEVER, GOOGLE, Telefónica, Endesa (Spain) and many other organisations have created corporate coworking spaces within their offices.

What is the benefit of an in-house coworking space?

The redesign of work spaces as coworking spaces helps create cultural change and makes the organisation more open and innovative. The levels of commitment, satisfaction and innovation are radically higher among members of a coworking space than in the majority of large companies.

It offers a solution in order to retain talent and identify innovative profiles within each company. It also promotes intrapreneurship and helps the company to reconnect with its employees.
However, in order to effectively move the design, values and culture of a coworking community, it is not enough to just redecorate the space and introduce improvised changes.

It is necessary to perform metrics guided through a framework and the methodology of the Utopic Agency.


Cultural change through coworking

Coworking generates changes in organisational culture towards innovation and collaboration, introducing new work models and methodological tools.
Collaboration is promoted between departments as well as external collaborators (partners, institutions and companies).

Although cultural change is behind innovation, 70% of change management programmes fail because values, beliefs, attitudes and behaviours that organisations try to instil are fleeting and fail to make a real difference on a daily basis.

Through the Utopic Agency programme, the physical and daily patterns of conduct and collaboration among employees are materially modified, in such a way that they can work at their own rhythms. Over time, through natural changes in the models of interaction, the culture also changes.

We can start with a more natural way of working.

“Change towards a new working model that is more participatory, collaborative, and dynamic, to boost the talent and innovation within organisations”

Coworking in the utopic_US spaces


50 years ago the average life of a company was 75 years… now it is less than 15 years and this figure is going down. In a changing environment, companies need to go beyond the norm, to be disruptive, to be open to innovation and to drive the talent of its employees.

Coworking spaces provide a productive, creative and fulfilling working atmosphere, not only for freelancers and startups, but also for companies.

More and more organisations worldwide are committing themselves to coworking, either within their own offices, or having part of their team working in coworking spaces, such as PwC, AirBnB, Microsoft, Heineken, Merck, KPMG, PepsiCo, G.E…

Why coworking? Some benefits

  • To motivate and inspire employees through the energy and collaboration of a coworking community.
  • Bring people closer to the startup culture and the agile responses of an entrepreneur in a changing environment. In this way, a change is naturally introduced that makes employees more agile and able to adapt and innovate.
  • To have a team working alongside startups and innovative companies gives them access to new ideas and allows them to create relationships and network, as well as to be aware of new emerging trends that may be applicable to their sector.
  • utopic_US has over 3,000 m2 split between its various spaces, offering open areas, creative meeting and training rooms, gastro-bars, areas of relaxation, digital fabrication and group work.

To enjoy the benefits of coworking, we propose several formulas:

  • Remote employees: Remote workers or employees of branches of foreign companies in Spain can work in a coworking space and benefit from an inspiring, social environment.
  • Teams from departments of innovation and intrapreneurship, who need to be in constant contact with new ideas and the entrepreneurial culture. They can choose whether to have a fixed desk, available 24/7, for all employees who want to go once or several times a week, or they can use different spaces within the utopic_US network.